• " I am grateful to Josiah for the quality of training I received. I was offered three jobs as soon as I passed out. I have had the privilege of choosing the job I preferred and even today I am sought after by companies. "

    Vice President
    Networking Division
  • The professional work culture of the trainers at Josiah prepared me for life in the competitive real world. I must say I had fun in college but serious training for a career in IT happened to me at Josiah. I am now considering a stint overseas and am glad to know there are many opportunities.

    Alok Bansal
    IT Manager
  • I am pleased that we have world class institutions in India such as Josiah Technology. I now live and work in Atlanta with multi-national colleagues. But, I as an Indian can see the quality of professional training we receive in India is impressive. Way to go Josiah, keep up the good work.

    Anirudh Singh
    IT Manager